Mr. Michael Messner Receives Michael J. Curley Medal

In an assembly with the student body, the Michael J. Curley Medal  was presented to Michael and Jennie Messner of the Speedwell Foundation.  Their generosity equipped the students of Curley with iPads in the rollout of the Curley 1 to 1 Program over the past five years.  Curley became the first all-male Catholic high school in Baltimore to implement such a program.

Mr. Messner, with several guests, was present to receive the award. He has become a Friend of Curley, although he is not an alumnus. He briefly addressed the students, reminding them that more important than the technology education they receive here are the values that they learn and become a part of their lives.

In addition to the generous contributions to Archbishop Curley, the  Speedwell Foundation provides scholarships to students for overseas study and engages in other philanthropic activities.

The Michael J. Curley Medal was established in 2000 and is awarded to those persons who have made a substantial impact on the mission and life of Archbishop Curley High School.  This is the ninth time the medal has been awarded.  A plaque hangs in the school lobby with the names of the recipients.

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