The First Varsity Undefeated Team

The Varsity track and field team of 1967 was coached by +Mr. John Targarona and captained by Bob Frank, Steve Gunzelman and Ron Bond. Posting an 8-0 season record, this was the first Curley varsity team to go undefeated in city-wide competition. (The Maryland Scholastic Association, MSA, was composed of public and private schools.)  In those days, there was no championship meet, so the team atop the standings was the “champion.”

Ron Bond was a triple winner in every meet, excelling  in the 100 yard dash, the 180 low hurdles and the broad jump.  Bob Frank and David Bosley-Smith starred in the 440. Steve Gunzelman placed first in every 2-mile run. Marty Rice was undefeated in the shotput and Joe Bolcer was undefeated in discus. (from the 1967 CORD.)

Steve Gunzelman, Bill Wolf, Ken Piaskowski, Mel Jonczak and Ron Bond recently attended the 50th Reunion of their class and spoke about their experience.  Steve remembers “Ron Bond flying over the hurdles and being in awe of how high Ray Schulte could pole-vault and of how fast Jay Malizewski could run the sprint events.”  He also has fond memories of Coach Tag “who was a very solid person whom you could trust to treat you fairly and to give you credit when credit was due and give you encouragement when he knew you could do better.”

Current Curley Track & field Coach Gene Hoffman ’69 was on the team as a sophomore to run the hurdles.  He remembers, “After we defeated Mervo, which was a home meet, we threw Coach Tag in the showers (Gatorade wasn't invented yet.)  Coach said it was ‘the best shower of my life!’ To this day I'm proud to have been a small part of that season.”

Bill Wolf was a member of the field team. “We would occasionally challenge the opposing team’s shot putters and discus throwers to a ‘just for fun’  440 yd. relay race.  Although some of us were a little ‘pudgy,’ we never lost a challenge.”

Sophomore Jerry Mikulski ’69 was also part of the team and has several memories of that season. “I remember how the team had the perfect blend of upper class leadership and sophomore talent;  when Ron Bond ran 9.9 in the 100 against Patterson while he also won the 180 yard low hurdles and the long jump;  Coach Targarona encouraging us to improve all the time; Louis Pribyl as team manager and good listener; and the lasting friendships with many of the members of that team that I am so fortunate to have to this day.”

It’s a great memory for the Curley men who lived it, and for all of us who take pride in our Curley heritage.

In the photo above from the 1967 CORD:


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