August’s Featured Friar: Charles McGuire ’83

     When Charles (better known as "Charlie") McGuire graduated from Curley in 1983 math was his favorite subject, but at that time he didn’t have a specific career in mind.  While he would go on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences from Loyola College, now Loyola University, he still had difficulty deciding what to do after graduation. “At Loyola I attended a career fair where I first heard about actuarial science careers. Before that, like most people, I didn’t know what an actuary was,” he remembers.  Actuaries use data and analytics to identify and measure financial risk, often for insurance companies. “Becoming an actuary didn’t sound too appealing, especially when I heard about the rigorous series of examinations that must be passed to become credentialed. On average, those exams take 6 - 10 years to complete.” Following graduation from Loyola, Charlie was accepted into graduate school for applied math and statistics, but instead took an entry-level actuarial position at USF&G Insurance in Baltimore. “I thought I’d give it a try, and make some money, while considering what career I really wanted to pursue.” After some early success on the actuarial exams and working with great people who helped him develop his analytical, data management, and leadership skills, while learning about the insurance industry, over 30 years later he is still an actuary.

     Currently, Charlie is a Senior Actuary with Travelers Insurance in Hunt Valley, MD. His team is responsible for pricing commercial property insurance products and assisting in the development of new products. “I like that actuarial work constantly provides new challenges. I’ve seen technology develop to the point where sophisticated computer models can run thousands of simulations of natural disasters and other catastrophes and predict the effects on homes and businesses based on their location, construction type, etc. One of my team’s challenges is to analyze those predictions and decide how to adequately price our insurance policies to cover the cost of potential claims that may result from those events and more common events such as fires. It’s also interesting that today’s insurance needs for individuals and businesses include protection for things like cyber risk and self-driving vehicles, things that we wouldn’t have dreamed of not long ago.”

     While Charlie's career has taken him far from where he imagined he’d be as a student at Curley, his relationship with the school is unwavering as he is an annual speaker at Career Day, as well as a frequent attendee of many other alumni events. He even comes into contact with fellow graduates in his field. “I recently proctored an actuarial exam and learned that one of the exam candidates was a Curley graduate from about five years ago. It turns out that he had attended my Career Day session at Curley during his senior year. He studied actuarial science in college, is now employed, and has already passed the first few actuarial exams. It was great to see that another alum is off to an excellent start in the career that I didn’t even know about when I was at Curley.”

     Looking back on his high school experience, Charlie feels that his time at Curley prepared him well for college and beyond. “The academic curriculum made my transition to college a seamless one, but over the years I’ve come to better understand and appreciate the Curley values and life lessons that were just as important as the academics, if not more important. My teachers and the Friars reinforced the benefits of discipline, respect, and hard work. They also helped me develop valuable skills that I use to this day, including written and oral communication, teamwork, and time management. As an only child, I may have appreciated the Curley brotherhood more than most. Many of my closest friends are from the class of ’83. Some have been lifelong friends, while I have reconnected with others more recently. Many of my family across two generations are also Curley alumni. I run into Curley grads everywhere and we have an instant connection, regardless of the difference in our years. I worked closely with an alum for many years who recently retired, and one of my fellow classmates works for my company in another department. I see Curley alums and teachers at ballgames, restaurants, church, the gym...everywhere!"

     Charlie has been married for 28 years and has “a wonderful daughter and two great sons who are also Curley graduates: Kevin ’12 and Brian ’16.” “My sons are different in many ways, but both of them felt that Curley was the best fit for them. Their Curley experiences definitely proved that to be true. My wife, Teresa, is the glue that has held our family together. She is a fantastic wife and mother who handled more than her fair share of parenting responsibilities during the early years of our children’s lives and my career, when most of my ‘free time’ was spent studying for actuarial exams.” Teresa gladly became a “Curley Mom” years later, joining Charlie and their sons at athletic events, Homecomings, and volunteering at open houses and Galas. Both Charlie and Teresa were very happy to co-chair the Gala in 2012, in order to give back to the school that has formed the three Curley men of their family.

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