All That Curley Jazz a Success!

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On Saturday, March 3rd, the Student Dining Room turned into a Jazz Club as the Instrumental Music Department presented "All That Curley Jazz."
 The guest band was "The Brother Ray Band" featuring music from the Ray Charles songbook.

Leading off the evening at "All That Curley Jazz" was the Jazz Lab. This group is for younger musicians to practice and play with older students while they learn their instruments and how to play in a jazz-oriented music group.

The students in Jazz Lab are:
 Alto Sax: Sam Walter, Ethan Fabyan, Scott Giampa;
 Tenor Sax: Paul Lewis, Kobe Davis;
 Baritone Sax: Russell Reside
 Trombone: Connor Draper, Abe Walz, Ryan Seay;
 Baritone Horn: Christian Thomas, Tyler Robinson;
 Trumpet: Anthony Smith, Nate Hohensee, Jack Davis, Chris Mirabile;
 Clarinet: Leonard Willis;
 Keyboard: Joseph Schlee;
 Guitar: Sam Zito;
 Bass: Zeke Ober, Max McDonald;
 Drum Set: Kamron O’Banner;
 Mallets/Toys: Ethan Bower, Ethan Olson.

The Jazz Ensemble took the stage at 9 PM. These students are growing in their musical expertise and their cohesion as a band. And the music they produce is spectacular. All the bands, including the Concert Band (which does not appear at All that Curley Jazz) are under the direction of Mr. David Stauffer, who has shared his musical gifts and made his mark on Curley students for over 30 years. Congratulations Mr. Stauffer and all the Curley musicians on a wonderfully entertaining evening.

The students in Jazz Ensemble are:
 Alto Sax: Michael Gardiner, Scott Giampa;
 Tenor Sax: Vance Ellis, Nathan Jarmer;
 Baritone Sax: Steven Pucillo;
 Trombone: Jacob Casey, Connor Draper, Joseph Schlee;
 Bass Trombone: Ryan Seay;
 Trumpet: Joe Nwobi, William Draper, Chris Mirabile, Jack Davis, Tony Smith;
 Keyboard: Joshua Ocasio;
 Guitar: Ethan Bower;
 Drum Set: Kyle McElwee;
 Bass: Ezekiel Ober;
 Vibes/Toys: Daniel Baxley;
 Sound: Davonte Carter, Russell Reside.

The last group to perform that evening was the Alumni Band. After only a few practices, they sounded great.

Alto Sax: David Rybczynski ’87, Daniel Nakasone ’17;
 Tenor Sax: Matt Rynes ’08, Brian Butler ’98;
 Baritone Sax: Andrew Baker ‘13’
Trombone: Chris Rohe ’93, Tim Ridenour ’09, Jeremy Ridenour ’09, Robert Pavlik ’12;
 Tuba: Stephen Franzoni ’84;
 Trumpet: Dave Makowiecki ’93, Nick Rider, Charles Wilson ’90, Charles Bankard, Steve Streckfus ’93;
 Bass: Rob Henry ’92;
 Guitar: Anthony Staiti ’11;
 Drum Set: Andrew Young ’13;
 Keyboard: Chris Ruth ’94.

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