All That Curley Jazz

On Saturday evening, March 4th, the Student Dining Room of Archbishop Curley High School was awash in the sounds of music.  The annual “All That Curley Jazz” featured three Curley bands plus a guest band.

The first Curley band to perform was the Jazz Lab.  This group is comprised of freshmen, sophomores and some juniors who are beginning to encounter the beauty and complexity of instrumental jazz. 

The members of this group are:
Clarinet: Cameron Mays, Josh Ocasio,  Anthony Pickford, Connor Hineline, Mashua Gibson.
Sax: Michael Gardiner, Scott Giampa, PaulLewis, Vance Ellis, Russell Reside.
Trombone: Connor Draper, Ryan Seay, Todd Gray.
Baritone Horn: Christian Thomas;  Tuba: Ryan Dorsey>
Piano:  Joseph Schlee; Guitar: Ethan Bower;
Bass: Zeke Ober;  Drum Set: Kyle McElwee, Luke Tollen;  Mallets/Toys: Dan Baxley

Mr. David Stauffer is the Director of Jazz Lab and the Jazz Ensemble.

The guest band was The Rollex Band.  Dave Makowiecki ’93 is the trumpet player for The Rollex Band which, at its core is a six-piece band based out of the Baltimore/Washington area. The band has been together for 15 years performing for weddings, corporate affairs, clubs, parties, opening for national recording artists, and also backing up recording artists. The band consists of a Bass guitar, Lead guitar, Drums, Keyboards, and two Lead vocalists. The band members are very versatile, performing as musicians, lead vocalists and background vocalists. The band can also supply a 2-3 piece horn section for a bigger sound as they did tonight.

Jazz Ensemble was the next Curley band to perform.  Jazz Ensemble is the varsity of the bands and tackles some fairly difficulty music, ranging from Hank Levy to Chicago.

Members of the Jazz Ensemble are:
Sax: Daniel Nakasone, Kyle McAllister, Steven Pucillo, Nate Jarmer, Vance Ellis.
Trombone: MacJoseph Nwobi, Jacob Casey, Connor Draper, Nick Bruno.
Trumpet: Joe Nwobi, Alex Schlee, Chris Mirabile, Will Draper, Jack Davis
Piano: Josh Ocasio;   Guitar: Ethan Bower;  Bass: Zeke Ober;
Drum Set: Quincy Richburg;  Toys/Vibes: Tyler Sosnowski, Chris Haslbeck;
Sound: Michael Klos, Luke Tollen

The final act of the evening was the Alumni Band.  Most of these Curley graduates are making their living as professional musicians and gather for this event on the Tuesday before.  Generally after a practice or two, the sound and precision are there.  And every year the Alumni Band is different, based on who is available for the given date.

The year, Alumni Band consisted of:
Sax:  Dave Rybczynski ’87, Brian Butler ’98, Chris Young ’11, Vince Ray ’16, Andrew Baker ’13.
Trombone: Tim Ridenour ’09, Jeremy Ridenour ’09, Robert Pavlik ’12, Justin Woodbury ’15.
Trumpet: Dave Makowiecki ’93, Ben Frock ’98, Charles Wilson ’90, Steve Streckfus ’93, Kevin Callahan ’12,
Piano: Chris Ruth ’94, Kyle Hije ’13;  Bass: Robert Henry ’92;  Guitar: Anthony Staiti ’11; Drum Set: Andrew Young ’13.

Thanks to all who supported the Curley Instrumental Program by their attendance at “All That Curley Jazz.”


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