2019 Cornerstone Day Honor Roll

Part of the Cornerstone Day Tradition is taking time to recognize persons and groups that have been “cornerstones” of Curley over the years. This year’s honorees are listed below.

We know that these are not the only persons and groups that make Curley a special place.  People had the opportunity to make a gift to honor those persons who, for them, make Curley a special place.  The current students also had the opportunity to recognize classmates, teachers and others who build Curley into the place that it is.

An HONOR ROLL was created of those people whom we recognize as “cornerstones” of Curley.  We thank them for their efforts to make Curley a special place.  We also thank those who made gifts and see the good things that that the “cornerstones” have given to Curley and to themselves.

Thank you to all who made Cornerstone Day 2019 a heart-warming success!

Click HERE to view the 2019 Cornerstone Day Honor Roll.

This year's honorees are:

Joe ’69 & Arleen Citro - Scholarship Donors
Tim ’71 & Rita Everd - Dedicated Volunteers
Dave ’80 & Darlene Gerstmyer - Dedicated Volunteers
Dr. David Lumsden ’79 - Unsung Alumnus
Mr. Richard “Coach” Patry - Long Serving Faculty & Staff
The Curley Alumni Association - Mission Support  
             (Former Alumni Association Presidents and Board Members attended.)

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