Generous benefactors have provided lasting gifts to Archbishop Curley High School through our Endowed Scholarships program.  These scholarships, often named in memory or honor of loved ones, provide financial assistance to qualified students desiring a Curley education.  These gifts represent invested funds.  When the principal balance of each scholarship reaches $25,000, money is taken from the interest earned and provided to deserving students in the form of scholarship money.

These scholarships represent the generosity of dedicated benefactors.  We honor those who provide these gifts and those for whom they are named.


The Alumni Scholarship

The Amrhein Family Scholarship

The Salvatore Aquia Memorial Wrestling Scholarship

The Baltimore City Community Scholarship

The Jeffrey T. Baynes Memorial Scholarship

The Joseph R. Citro, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

The Luciano Cristofaro Memorial Scholarship

The Nicholas A. DePalo, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Dohony Family Scholarship

The France-Merrick Financial Aid Scholarship

The Franciscan Friars Scholarship

The Thomas J. Grap Memorial Scholarship

The Grzymski Family Scholarship

The Gerard E. and Constance Holthaus Scholarship

The Fr. Dennis Jaworek, OFM Conv. Memorial Scholarship

The Robert C. Jirsa Memorial Scholarship

The Saint Maximilian Kolbe Scholarship

The Fr. Julian Memorial Scholarship

The Raymond L. Kaczorowski Scholarship

The Leonard and Rose Marie Katusz Memorial Scholarship

The Lumen Christi Scholarship

The Michael G. Mann Memorial Scholarship

The Edward L. Mason, III Memorial Scholarship

The Karl L. and Margaret S. Mauck Memorial Scholarship

The Memorial Scholarship

The Mercantile Scholarship

The Meyers-Mulheran-Perry Scholarship

The Irene and Nicholas Michael Memorial Scholarship

The John F. Myers Memorial Scholarship

The Donald W. and Patricia T. Potter Family Scholarship

The Roohan Family Scholarship

The Timothy J. Schultz Memorial Scholarship

The Edward Starkloff Memorial Scholarship

The Tully C. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship

The Targarona Memorial Scholarship

The Theodore and Bridget Weglicki Memorial Scholarship

The John F. Zipfel Scholarship

The Scott Yeagy Memorial Scholarship

The Chuck Sudina Memorial Scholarship

The Bernie Reif Memorial Scholarship

The Class of 1965 Scholarship

The Class of 1966 Scholarship

The Class of 1967 Scholarship

The following scholarships are newly created and are in the funding phase.  To be listed as "endowed," the scholarship must be fully funded at $25,000.  If you would like to contribute to the scholarships below, click on your choice.

The Timothy Brannan Memorial Scholarship



Very often when U.S. Marines take leave of one another or sign off on a message they say Semper Fi.  It is an abbreviation of their motto Semper Fidelis which means “Always Faithful.”  In memory of the many Marines who have remained “always faithful” to God, country, the Corps, and one another, this scholarship is established for those Catholic families who have been faithful to the Catholic Church.  In addition to keeping the Ten Commandments, a faithful Catholic keeps the precepts or laws of the Church, namely:
•             Attending Mass and resting from servile labor on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation;
•             Confessing one’s sins at least once a year;
•             Receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the Easter Season;
•             Observing the days of fast and abstinence established by the Church; and
•             Helping to provide for the needs of the Church.

The scholarship process involves the completion of an application along with supporting documents from the Parish and the Pastor that evidence a commitment by the applicant and his family to living their Catholic faith.  Essays from the parent and the student about the importance of living their Catholic faith including Mass attendance, going to confession, observing fast and abstinence days and involvement in parish organizations and activities are also included.

The scholarship award is made on an annual basis upon the application and the completion of tuition assistance forms.  A student may receive this scholarship in any year of his education and it is renewable on an annual basis.  A committee comprised of the donor and Archbishop Curley High School administration will determine the annual awards. 
The Applicant is responsible for meeting the deadline of January 13, 2017 and having all related material submitted by that date.


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