Cornerstone Day Videos



To prepare for Cornerstone Day, we will be sending out several emails with Cornerstone Videos, to highlight people who have been or are "cornerstones" of Curley. 

Video 13:   Fr. Donald – One day till Cornerstone Day

Video 12:   Pat Potter, ’83 Alumnus, will speak about his friendship with Jerry Stone ‘83

Video 11:   Jeff Knapp ’88, Alumnus and Current Parent, will speak about Fr. Jude Michael Krill

Video 10:   Barry Stitz ’87, VP for Advancement, will speak about Tim Earnest ‘67

Video 9:   Joyce Becker, School Board Member, will speak about Mike Gaffney

Video 8:   Jeremy Joseph ‘96, Director of the Gala, will speak about Gala volunteers and Barb Suehle.

Video 7:  Nick Brownlee '96 speaks about Bob Mullauer '69

Video 6:  Jeremiah Lewis '22 speaks about his brother Paul Lewis '19

Video 5:  Matt Hatton, Curley Athletic Director will speak about Parent Volunteers and Frank Giampa

Video 4:   Marty Mcginty speaks about Mr. Bill Dawson

Video 3:   AJ Dvorak '19 speaks about his dad, Fred Dvorak '83

Video 2:  Tony Lombardi '78 speaks about Coach Al Frank

Video 1:  Fr. Donald

Cornerstone Day is April 2nd.

It is a day when we remember the laying of the Curley cornerstone in April, 1962.  It is a day to remember our past, our history and look forward to Curley's future. There will be a Mass on April 2nd that will be livestreamed.  At the Mass, several people/groups will be honored as cornerstones of Curley. 

This year's honorees are:

Joe ’69 and Arleen Citro – Scholarship Donors
Dr. Dave Lumsden ’79 – Unsung Alumnus
Richard “Coach” Patry – Long Serving Staff
Dave ’80 and Darlene Gerstmyer – Dedicated Volunteers
Tim ’71 and Rita Everd – Dedicated Volunteers
The Alumni Association – Mission Promoter

You can make a gift to Curley in honor of a teacher, student, administrator, coach, friar, etc. who embodies the Curley mission and has strengthened the foundation of the school. Just click on the link below, choose the Cornerstone Day entry and make your gift. There will be a field to enter the name of the person you want remembered, as well as an opportunity to say why. An honor roll will be published to highlight these individuals.

To make a gift in honor of someone, click HERE.




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