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Dear Friends,

I am grateful that you have taken the time to research the high quality education that is available at Archbishop Curley High School. As a person familiar with the benefits that technology can bring, you are experiencing first hand the dedication that the Curley community has to ensuring that we are preparing young men for the 21st century. I hope you like our new look on the web and that you will continue to use the site as a resource to obtain news of the wonderful things happening here at Curley and with the members of the Curley Family.

Our academic program is strong and addresses the needs of students of diverse abilities. As a college-preparatory school, we focus not just on the content of our classes, but the methodology that will enable students to excel in college and beyond. Encouraging students to be active participants in the learning process, while fostering a sense of adult responsibility in becoming life long learners, is a high priority at Curley. This is achieved by dedicated students, faculty and parents working together for four years.

Our co-curricular program allows students to pursue other interests that develop the same skills that are engaged in the classroom. All of these opportunities are viewed not as ends in themselves (athletics, drama, clubs, etc.) but rather as a means to reinforce the basic learning principles and values taught everyday in the classroom. These organizations provide enjoyable outlets for students to express their talents and skills in a variety of ways.

Certainly the Catholic nature of our school promotes recognition of the presence of God in all that we say, think and do. While this is a challenging dimension of our school life, we believe that it is this foundation of our school community that allows us to remain focused on the real meaning of life. To follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thereby co-create His Kingdom is our ultimate destiny - one fostered in our school each day.

Enjoy the information present on our site and feel free to contact or visit us. Archbishop Curley High School made a significant difference in my life as a student (Class of '78) as well as it does today as its president. I am sure it will positively affect you as well.

Sincerely yours in Christ & St. Francis,

Fr. Joseph Benicewicz, OFM Conv. '78

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