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Archbishop Curley High School has established Edline as a communications portal for parents, students and teachers.   Edline is a web-based, safe and easy way to keep up-to-date with academic achievements and co-curricular activities here at Curley.  Everyone must have an account and password to access Edline.  Once the account is activated, one can do the following:

  • Check grades
  • Get homework assignments
  • Read notes from teachers
  • Receive email alerts when new grades are posted
  • Receive emails about school and class information
  • Review school and class activities and calendars
  • And so much more...
Please note that privacy is preserved on Edline in the following way:

  • Students only have access to their own grades and activities
  • Parents only have access to their son's information and grades
  • User id and password is REQUIRED

To access Edline, click the following link: