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During Freshman Seminar in the Library, the Freshman class is introduced to the tools that they will need to use during their four years here and beyond. Being a college prep high school, our goal through Freshman Seminar is to ensure that we begin the process of preparing them for college by making them familiar with the uses, the systems and the research tools available in college libraries. We stress the similarities between our Library and most public and academic libraries, from subscription databases to principles of research, using both books and the internet in all its formats, including how to evaluate sources, especially websites. The Seminar familiarizes them with DESTINY, our online catalog of resources held here at Curley’s Library, and then teaches them how to find it physically in the Library, just as they would in other libraries. These classes ensure that we level the playing field for all of them, whether they have had previous library instruction or not. We discuss Information Literacy with them, in all its different aspects, a new concept in this new Millennium, holding it up as a goal to achieve before graduation. The Library feels a specific responsibility for their Information Literacy in this Information Age in which we live.

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