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  March 1, 2014


Music lovers gathered in the Curley Student Dining Room on Saturday, March 1, 2014 to listen to the sweet sounds of jazz.    The  Little Big Band and the Alumni Jazz Trio started things off and warmed up the audience for the guest group of the evening, Technicolor Motorhome.  The highlight of the evening was the performance of the Curley Jazz Ensemble.  Concluding the evening was the Curley Alumni Band.  The event was produced by Dave Makowiecki '93.

There is a new instrumental ensemble, the Little Big Band.  Mr. Stauffer explains: "Many composers/arrangers are beginning to write big band style/ harmony for a reduced instrumentation because of the significant cost of a Big Band as well as the number of musicians necessary.  The standard little Big Band instrumentation is 2 trumpets, 3 saxes,  1 trombone and rhythm section.  We have created a little Big Band primarily as a way to begin training our younger students in Jazz." 

The members of the Little Big Band include:
Saxophones:  Kyle McAllister, Tyler Rahnis, Daniel Nakasone, Joseph Gallup, Jordan Heffler, Mason Turner
Trumpets:  Austin Knox, Pat Palazzo, Mac Colomb
Trombone:   Mario Wimbush, MacJoseph Nwobi, Matt Francis, Frank Walz
Rhythm:  Vincent Ray-Piano; Ted Markowski-Bass; Chris Barlow-Drum Set; Ben Grieco-Mallets, Toys.

The Alumni Jazz Trio featured Chris Young '11 on Tenor Sax; Derek Wiegmann '12 on Bass; Andrew Young '13 on Drums.

The highlight of the evening was the performance of Curley's Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of David Stauffer.   The audience responded with a standing ovation and wanted more.  The performance was amazing and wonderful.

Members of the Jazz Ensemble include:   
Saxophone:     Daniel Nakasone–Alto, Matt Selba-Alto,  Emmanuel Adjaye-Baritone, Vincent Ray-Tenor, Brad Ebaugh-Tenor
Trombone:      Frank Walz, Matt Francis, Randy Noppinger, Justin Woodbury
Trumpet:        David Callahan, Dakota Wilson, Kyle Rosenberger, Winsum Chang, Ian Lee, Kiyon Brandford
Rhythm:         Nick Ray–Piano; Chimaobi Iwumune-Bass; Andrew Young–Set; Garrett Partenza-Guitar;
                    Austin Fiori-Erdman, Chris Barlow, Quincy Richburg-Toys and Vibes,
Sound:           Rory Dudley, Joseph Gallup, Ben Grieco

The evening was capped off with a performance of the Alumni Jazz Band, which gathered former band members from far and wide. Members of the Alumni Band include:

Saxophone: David Rybczynski '87–Alto; Brian Butler '98 -Alto; Russ Kirk '98–Tenor; Steven Szyika '00-Tenor; Andrew Baker '13–Baritone
Trombone:  Andrew Kuhl '03, Jeremy Ridenour '09, Tim Ridenour '09, *Nick Mazziott '88, Justin Woodbury '15
Trumpet:    *Dave Makoweicki '93, *Ben Frock '98; Charles Wilson '90; Kevin Callahan '12.
Rhythm:     Andrew Young '13 – Set;  *Derek Wiegmann – Bass;  *Chris Ruth '94 – Keyboard.

*Curley Applied Lesson Teachers

Below are a few photos from the night's performances.