Daily Announcements —Friday, June 2nd, Day 1

Friday, June 2nd, Day 1

Let us pray,

God of wisdom,
We thank you
for all the gifts you have given us throughout this school year.
We praise you for giving us life,
for saving us in Christ,
and for choosing us to be your people.
As we come to the end of this school year, we voice our gratitude for the good things you have done in us, and we praise you for all who have shared in the work of this school.
We ask you to bless them in your love and give them refreshment and peace. We praise you, God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Please pray for our benefactors:

Mr. Charles H. Wollenweber Jr.
Mr. Joseph F. Wooden Jr.
Mr. Ray Woolridge
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Worden
Mr. Harry J. Wujek Sr.
Mr. Henry F. Wylie
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gill Wylie Sr.
Mrs. Celeste Wysocki Gibson
Mr. Michael E. Yanchoris CPA,CLU
Mr. John G. Yaquiant
Mr. Richard W. Yeager
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Young
Rev. Samuel V. Young Jr.
Mr. Vincent A. Zaccaria
Dr. Norbert M. Zaczek
Mr. Wayne J. Zahner CPA
Mr. & Mrs. Gary C. Zamerski
Mr. Gary C. Zamerski Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Zamerski
Fr. Samuel Zebron OFM Conv.
Fr. Michael Zielke OFM Conv.
Mr. William J. Zipfel
Mr. Anthony Zlotkowski
Mr. George D. Zurek

St. Francis, pray for us!


There will be a mandatory meeting after school today (Friday) for all students who will be attending Encounter the Gospel of Life this summer with friar Matt.  The meeting will be in room 305 and will last about 20 minutes.           

The sophomore class will be selling pizza in the SDR after exams are over next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for $2 per slice, or $3 for 2 slices. Make sure to bring money to purchase pizza after exams are completed each day.

All school-issued iPads need to be erased and returned after exams, please check your portals emails for detailed instructions.

Return your library books or else.

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