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Welcome to Franciscan Youth Ministry (FYM) at Curley!

Franciscan Youth Ministry (FYM) has a long history at Archbishop Curley High School and in other Franciscan ministries.  FYM serves as the structure for Curley’s campus ministry and is vibrant and full of life.  FYM is one of the larger co-curricular activities at Curley, and each academic year is filled with prayer opportunities, community building, and plenty of service.  The mission of FYM is very simple: promote a life of virtue leading to personal holiness; motivate students in actively living their faith; and inspire students to serve others.

If you have a heart for serving others, FYM can plug you into various projects and programs that take place throughout the school year.  These include:

• A monthly Holy Hour of prayer, from 7:00-8:00 pm (day of the month varies).  Students are welcome to remain after school, participate in other activities, do some homework, or socialize, and then pitch in for a shared pizza supper.  Parents and alumni are welcome to join for the Holy Hour.

• Training is offered for those who wish to be an altar server, lector or Eucharistic minister, or for other responsibilities in Community Prayer, school Masses, special services.

• Seasonal Projects, e.g. a Thanksgiving food college, Christmas collection of children’s gifts, and the like.

• Participation in the annual March for Life in Washington, DC or Annapolis, MD.

• Tutoring for elementary school students.

• Sharing in peer ministry and assisting with class retreats.

The FLEX Team

The FLEX (standing for Franciscan Leaders Encountering Christ) Team is comprised of Juniors and Seniors who apply for and are accepted to offer leadership in the FYM.

Franciscan Moments through the Year

• The Transitus Service takes place on the evening of October 3.  The service at Curley joins with services around the Franciscan world commemorating the death of St. Francis of Assisi, who departed the earth for eternal life on the evening of October 3, 1226. (Traditionally this is a special effort by the Freshman Class.)

• The Greccio Experience is a Live Nativity program and commemorates St. Francis preparing the first Live Nativity in the town of Greccio in December 1224.  It is held on a Sunday evening in December, prior to Christmas.  (Traditionally this is also a program of the Freshman Class.)

• The Live Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross) are celebrated in Holy Week, commemorating the journey of Jesus from his trial to the mount of crucifixion and burial.  This devotion has been fostered by Franciscan Friars since the 13th century, and is offered for both the school community and in an evening service for the public.  (Traditionally this is a program of the Senior Class.)


An annual retreat is part of the school’s Religious Studies program, including the Freshman Orientation Retreat Program before the school year begins, one-day retreats for the sophomore and junior classes, and overnight retreats for seniors.  The FLEX Team members take a leadership role in the preparation and carrying out of the retreat programs.  Participation in the annual retreat is a graduation requirement.

Mission 4 Service

Mission 4 Service is the social outreach component of the Religious Studies program, and also includes input from the FYM.  The specifics of Mission 4 Service can be found in its own location on the Curley web site.

Further Questions? 

Contact friar Chris Dudek, OFM Conv., Campus Minister, in the FYM Office (3rd floor.)


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