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Hi and Welcome to the Page for Franciscan Youth Ministry (FYM)!

I’m Fr. Matt Foley, the Director of Franciscan Youth Ministry. FYM has a long history at Archbishop Curley and across our Franciscan Province.  FYM serves as the structure for our campus ministry and is vibrant and full of life. FYM is one of the larger co-curricular activities at Archbishop Curley High School and the 2016-17 academic year is filled with prayer opportunities, community building and plenty of service. The mission of FYM is very simple- promote a life of holiness, motivate students in their faith, inspire students to serve others.

I’m excited about working with our young men and the Curley community to grow in their life of faith.

Our Ministries

If you have a heart for serving others, FYM can plug you into various projects and programs that take place throughout the school year.

Office of Spiritual Life
 Monthly Holy Hour
 Reconciliation Services
 Ministry Training for Servers/Lectors/Eucharistic Ministers

Office of Social Justice
 Christmas/Lenten Projects
 March for Life
 Carrington House Dinners
 Tutoring Summer Service Project
 Outreach to the sick and bereaved

Office of Communication
 All artwork for FYM ministry events
 Advent/Lent displays
 Bulletin Board Displays
 Web-page maintenance

Office of Christian Formation Retreats
 Open House
 FUSE (sports chaplaincy program)
 RCIC (for those interested in the Catholic Church)
 Outreach to local grade schools

Get Involved!

If you want serious commitment or just a chance to see what FYM is all about, we've got a role for you.

  • FLEX Team: student leaders who manage and run the four offices of ministry for FYM.
  •  FYM members: Those who want to participate in the many ministries that FYM provides and work on ministry projects that happen during the year.

Fr. Matt Foley OFM Conv
Director of Campus Ministry
Archbishop Curley High School
3701 Sinclair Lane
Baltimore, MD 21213
410-485-5000 x288

Living Stations of the Cross

At the end of Lent, a Curley tradition is to celebrate the Stations of the Cross.   This year, members of the senior class reenacted the last hours of Jesus.  As Jesus makes his way around the auditorium, the action stops at poignant moments--his sentencing, his falling under the weight of the cross, meeting his mother Mary, being helped by a stranger, having his tunic stripped off of his body and being nailed to the cross he carried.   What sorrow could be greater than a mother holding the dead body of her son before burial.  Yet, the story does not end in the tomb.  After three days Jesus is raised to new life by the grace of God--death no longer has power over him.   This is the powerful, wonderful moment we celebrate on Easter Sunday.


Closed retreats are considered an integral part of the Religious Studies program and are therefore mandatory for all students of Archbishop Curley High School.  The Freshman Retreat is held on the campus during the first quarter of the school year for all incoming freshmen students.  Specific details are explained in the special notice sent to all students involved.  Retreat experiences for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are scheduled during the school year, taking place either at school or off campus. All retreats are included as graduation requirements.


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