Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements and SDR Menu—Friday, March 24th,  Day 1

Let us pray, God of Mercy and Understanding, I know that with help I can open my heart more fully to the mysteries of the suffering and death of your son. Help me to be humble in this journey and remember that any mercy and compassion I feel is a...

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Daily Announcements and SDR Menu—Thursday, March 23rd, Day 6

Thursday, March 23rd, Day 6 Let us pray. God of Mercy, I feel my heart overflowing with your tenderness. I sense your loving touch deep within my soul. I ask for your help in my weakness that I might be faithful to your word and I am so grateful that...

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Daily Announcements and SDR Menu—Wednesday, March 22nd - Day 2

Wednesday, March 22 - Day 2 Let us pray, God, you love me as your own child. May I bend my life and will toward you so that I might accept your teaching and guidance. I am so grateful for your support in my life, now and in the eternal...

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Daily Announcements and SDR Menu—Tuesday, March 21st - Day 1

Tuesday, March 21st - Day 1 Let us pray, God of infinite love, I thank you for this reminder of your love and your call that we be more patient, gentle and compassionate with others. Here in the middle of Lent, I turn to you to beg for your help....

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Daily Announcements and SDR Menu—Monday, March 20th, Day 3

Monday, March 20th, Day 3 Let us pray, Loving Father, So many times I turn away from you and always you welcome me back. Your mercy and love gives me confidence Thank you for the invitation to share, fast and pray so that you can form a new heart within...

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