Class of 2026 Page for Incoming Freshmen

We are so excited that you have decided to spend your next four years at the “corner of Sinclair and Erdman.” We promise that while these will be years of hard work, new challenges, and high expectations, the lessons learned will stay with you forever.

Please know that as you are transitioning from prospective 8th-graders to Curley freshmen, the Admissions Office will continue to remain 100% accessible to your family. As you begin to communicate with additional Curley departments, know that we are always happy to introduce you to staff members or offices that will help you prepare for the next leg of your high school journey. The whole Curley community is ready to welcome you and to help where they can!

Best wishes,
The Curley Admissions Team



All students are asked to fill out this form by Friday May 13th regarding your interests. This information will be used to create our student mentorship program between the Freshmen and upperclassmen during the 2022-2023 school year.
Click HERE to access the form


All students are required to use iPads for both in-school and at-home instruction. If a student does not already own a device that meets the required specifications, then he will have to purchase an iPad. The iPad specifications can be found by clicking HERE
*Families will purchase an iPad directly from their vendor of choice.
*The iPad Mini is not permitted for use by the school, because the screen is too small for schoolwork.
*Archbishop Curley High School requires that each iPad also have a protective case. A keyboard is recommended, but not required.
*Students will be required to have their iPads by the summer iPad training sessions in June/July 2022. Dates for training sessions will be emailed to you after the May Orientations.


Click Class of 2026 Registration Instructions


Required for ALL students

Condition Specific (if needed)


St. Anthony Pathway Students: Do NOT sign-up! You will attend mandatory iPad training sessions during the Anthony Summer Program.

St. Bonaventure, Honors, & Standard Students: Please sign up for 1 training session. Be aware of the VIRTUAL training dates vs. IN-PERSON training dates.

Sign Up!


St. Bonaventure, Honors, & Standard Pathway students will read  Animal Farm by George Orwell.
Archbishop Curley will provide The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton during the Summer Anthony Program for all St. Anthony students. 

*There will be no English summer assignment to accompany the summer reading.


We are using PaySchools for the Curley Card (The Curley Card is the same as the student ID card.)  This is the site for our parents to register their son and set up an account to add and monitor their son’s lunch cards.  If you used the system last year, you should not have to do anything, except add money to the card. Use the following link.

*A student ID # is required to register through Pay Schools Central. Student ID numbers will be distributed after the current academic year is complete. Please keep an eye out for email communication this summer!

Online payment site

You must register for this service. Here is also a toolkit to help you with that process.


ACCEPTANCE VIDEO:  Welcome to Curley!

Congratulations to our newly accepted Friars, the Class of 2026! You will be leaders in the classroom and on the field. You will use your voices- both on the stage and to share your goals, visions, and dreams. Your minds will grow each day, and you will be pushed to work hard, and then harder. This is the place Where Brotherhood Begins. This is Curley. And we cannot wait to see what YOU will bring to our community and family.