Senior Class Presents Live Stations of the Cross

March 23rd, 2019 | Posted By: dwgadmin | Posted in Student Life

The Stations (or Way) of the Cross is a Lenten devotion that has been promoted by the Franciscan Friars since the Middle Ages.

At Curley, it has been a tradition for the Senior Class to present a Live Stations of the Cross to the student body during Holy Week. This year, for the first time, this moving presentation was offered in the evening for parents and friends to attend. The Curley Schola provided the music.

The cast and crew of the production included the following:

Jesus – Robbie Commodari
Mary – Olivia Bounds (from IND)
Soldier 1 – Nate Dillow
Soldier 2 – Yong Park
Soldier 3 – Steve Delss
Simon of Cyrene – Brady Baxter
Pontius Pilate – Nick McRae
Voice of St. Francis – Adam Wiley
Voice of God – Kyle Cappucci
Narrator 1 – Dan Braswell
Narrator 2 – Ryan Waskiewicz
Veronica – Ms. Meeri Kangas
Weeping women – Mrs. Beth Tisdale, Mrs. Kathy Wandishin, Ms. Becky Reed
Crew – Dom Franzese, Nate Pyne-Mercier, Alex Stephen, Yong Park.

The Curley Schola:

Tenor I
Daniel Ayd ’18
Holden Ayd ’19
Dominic Bechtel ’21
Andrew Estrada ’21
Scott Franiak, Jr. ’18
David Krysiak ’21
John Mitcherling ’20
Anakin Schneider ’20
Jacob Stahl ’18
Lucas Triplett ’20
Robert Wolle ’18
Nicholas Wynn ’21

Tenor II
Leo Ayd ’21
Robert Cossaboon, Jr. ’19
Michael Ditzel ’19
Cameron Hanger ’19
Benjamin Huber ’19
Michael Pierorazio ’18
Jedrek Puszkiewicz ’21

Bass I
William Griffin ‘21
Terrence Hare ’19
Philip Lohrfink ’20
Christopher Potter ’19
Jedrek Puszkiewicz ’21
Shawn Thompson ’18

Bass II
Nicholas Andrews ’18
Alexandre Davidson ’21
Adrian Dembeck ’18
Kenael Dorsey ’19
Benjamin Fullem ’18
Christopher Wall ‘2