Curley’s philosophy of 21st century active learning recognizes that instruction must be student-centered, for the days of lecturing are past.

Education today is collaborative, with students learning to work together on projects, in finding answers, in seeking workable solutions.  Active learning is employed by notable universities across the country. Curley continues with the traditional goal of wanting its students to find success and happiness, but also to be prepared to be lifelong learners, true contributors to the common good of society.  As a 1-1 iPad school the Curley student has the world’s knowledge in his hands, and with others learns how to effectively access knowledge and use it responsibly.

Moreover, a Curley education is in the Franciscan tradition, a tradition that began in the universities of 13th century Europe.  The goals of a Franciscan education are three-fold: to convey information, as a basis of all learning; to offer formation, for the best-lived life of each individual; and to encourage transformation, the spiritual growth of a person in relation to his God.


Our College Preparatory Pathways


The Honors Pathway is designed to challenge the highly talented and motivated student to pursue the AP and Honors courses, the dual-enrollment courses, and the availability of personalized attention to develop his gifts and know how to use them.  For an elite group of students, the St. Bonaventure Scholars are challenged beyond the standard honors criteria to engage in their personal academic group leading to a Capstone Project.  Special programs throughout the four years give a breadth, and a challenge, to their learning that goes well beyond the classroom.

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Curley’s Standard Pathway focus on the 21st Century skills needed for success in the modern world. A student’s placement within this program is evaluated on a regular basis by the faculty to ensure a challenging and appropriate curriculum. In addition to preparing students for college, the College Counseling Program works with students and parents, beginning in the freshman year, to find the best college for each young man, and for that young man to reach his goals.

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St. Anthony

The St. Anthony Pathway is a multifaceted college preparatory program intentionally designed for young men of diverse backgrounds who are in need of adaptive learning practices due to academic challenges, a diagnosed learning difference, or socio-economic challenges.

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