Archbishop Curley High School believes each student should be dressed and groomed in a professional manner. All clothing should be neat and in good repair.


The Curley gentleman dresses and grooms in a professional manner.
Students are expected to be in full dress code from the 8:10 am warning bell until 2:35 pm.
Note: During the COVID-19 hybrid schedule, students are expected to be in dress code from 7:15 am until 12:45 pm. Changing clothes in lavatories, in the parking lot, or any other public space is not permitted.

• A collared dress shirt (tucked in and buttoned at the neck). Writing is not permitted on the dress shirt. Note: During
the COVID-19 hybrid schedule, students are allowed to wear a Curley or solid color polo shirt (no long sleeve shirt
can be worn under polo).
• A tie or bow tie, will be visible at all times, tied professionally at the neck and of proper length, but are not required
during the first month of school.
• Dress or Docker style pants of a solid color with a traditional vertical seam on the leg. Denim, corduroy, or cargo
pants are not permitted.
• A traditional belt (dark brown or black) and belt buckle (no large type design emblem or letters). Curley belts may
be worn.
• Socks – above ankle length.
• Brown or black dress shoes without a white sole – multicolored shoes and waffle bottom shoes are not permitted.
Sperry type shoes are allowed but must be brown or black and without a white sole. Shoes must be below the
ankle. Dress boots require administrative approval.
• A sport coat or blazer is required during dates set by the Administration. Sport coats or blazers must be solid color
and professional looking.
• Sweaters (of any type), sweatshirts, and other athletic apparel will not be permitted. (New 20-21)

• Clean shaven.
• Hair neatly trimmed, on all sides, so the length does not exceed the top of the collar (back), the eyebrows (front),
and top of the ear (sides). Unconventional hairstyles (partial head shaving, lines and designs, faux-haws, mohawks,
dread locks, braids, mullets, kruddy type or any current fad or trend) or coloring of any kind are not permitted.
Sideburns are not to exceed the bottom of the ear.
• Body piercing jewelry is not permitted while on campus.
• Tattoos must be covered while on campus, including during participation in athletic events.
• Chains or necklaces, if worn, are not to be visible.

The final decision as to what constitutes acceptable dress and grooming rests with the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs.
Students and parents who have questions regarding the acceptability of certain types of styles of clothing and grooming should
consult with the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs before appearing in school with them.