All students will be required to complete service hours each academic year. Here is some information about the Mission-4-Service Requirement for this academic year.

All students need to complete their hours and fill out the form by Monday April 24th.

Freshmen: 10 hours total:
Sophomores:15 hours total:
Juniors: 20 hours total:
Seniors: 25 hours total
Up to 1/2 pf the hours may be done at Curley events (e.g. Open House, Curley Gala, Admission Events etc).


There will be various opportunities for service throughout the year offered through the FYM program and other student organizations. However, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to complete their hours on their own.

Students will also be given a service paper/project to be done in their religion classes during the 4th quarter. Completion of service hours are required for all students. Any student who does not complete their V-form on-time will receive a zero for an assignment grade in their theology class. Additionally, students will be required to complete their hours before the end of the academic year or will be subject to further academic penalties.

Any questions should be directed to Friar Chris at


Examples of Acceptable Volunteer Service
  • Retirement Home
  • The Franciscan Center
  • Tutoring
  • Camp Counselor
  • Food pantry
  • Soup kitchen
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Medical Rehab/Nursing Home
  • Head Start program
  • Homeless shelter
  • Parish fundraisers/outreach to the poor
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Beans and Bread
  • Blood drives
Examples of Unacceptable Service
  • Filing or clerical work in an office
  • Fire/Police station
  • Working in a Warehouse
  • Any for profit entity (for example):
    • Automotive shop
    • Dance studio
    • Beauty or barber shop
    • Insurance company
    • Carry out/Concession stand
    • Cleaning service
  • Doing work at home or for other family members
    • Any yard or house work (cutting grass/raking leaves/dish cleaning)
    • Babysitting
  • Double dipping
    • Eagle projects
    • Confirmation service