Archbishop Curley High School’s requirement for service is based on the example of St. Francis of Assisi who understood the need to integrate religious belief with everyday living. For St. Francis, serving the poor was nothing less than honoring God in the presence of another person.

The MISSION 4 SERVICE program is an opportunity for our students to reach out to others who find themselves in need. While the learning that happens in the classroom is important, we strongly believe in extending that learning experience beyond our school’s walls. Their service to others puts them in touch with the suffering of the human community and enables them to see a world that exists beyond their normal boundaries. This enables students to appreciate some of the injustices that exist in our world and to work to correct them where possible. This is also a learning of a spiritual nature which opens the way to an encounter with Christ in those they serve and enables a living out of their Christian call to be disciples. To help deepen their understanding of the meaning of their service, every service experience has a reflection project requirement. The goal of this reflection is to enable them to relate what they have done to their faith and their relationship with Christ.

The completion of each year’s service is a requirement for graduation.

Here are some important information for you:

For all Underclassmen

Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors
1. Students will be required to do the following number of hours by Monday April 26th:

Freshmen: 10 hours
Sophomores: 15 hours
Juniors: 20 hours

2. Students need to have completed the following number of hours (and logged a V-form) by January 22nd:

Freshmen: 5 hours
Sophomores: 7 hours
Juniors: 10 hours

3. Students MAY complete a maximum total of 5 hours by helping at Curley related events (i.e. Open House, Gala, fundraisers etc).

4. Students may choose to complete ‘at home’ service which includes:

Making casseroles for soup kitchens
Making masks for essential workers
Writing letters for various organizations

5. Students who do not hand in the above items on-time will receive academic penalty (based on theology department policy for each program) and be placed on the ineligibility list until it is completed.


For Seniors:

1. All seniors will do 10 hours of service during the first semester (before February 1st). It will be a component of the 1st semester theology class in Social Justice and everything will be set up and evaluated through theology class. No more than 5 hours will be accepted for hours completed over the summer.

2. In December we will re-evaluate what the seniors will do for service in the spring.

a. If Covid is still a serious issue, the seniors will complete another 6 hours on their own and complete some major project in theology class.

b. If Covid is more stable yet there are still restrictions in schools/nursing homes, seniors will be required to complete another 6 hours of service to be completed on the Monday of the senior retreat that they will not attend (March 22 or April 12). They will complete a major project in theology class.

c. If Covid is not an issue, seniors will complete 15 hours of service during a mini ‘Senior Service Week’ from March 15-17. They will write a reflection for theology class.

If there are any questions, please e-mail Fr. Chris at



  • All S-forms are subject to the approval of the FYM director or other person as appointed by the FYM director.
  • No service hours will be accepted without an approved S-form.
  • All students are required to present a sound reason for their choice of service on the S-form. Choices should be based on what will be required of them in completing their project.
  • A list of recommended service opportunities are listed on the website.
  • Service proposals should attempt to encompass one or more of the Franciscan values:
    • Community Building
    • Peaceful making
    • Concern for the poor and the marginalized
    • Care of the environment
    • Dedication to Christ and the Church
  • Incomplete forms will not be accepted.


  • Any service submitted on the V-Form which differs from the approved S-Form will not be accepted.
  • Any forms that have been falsified in any way will be subject to automatic Saturday detention. If a student has lied about completion of their service, they must complete that service.
  • If a student has not completed all service requirements by the end of the school year, he will not be permitted to move on to the next grade level until all incomplete service requirements are fulfilled.


Students who fail to turn in their service project on time will receive an automatic 10 point deduction for lateness. They will receive an additional 10 point reduction for each week it is late. Failure to complete the service project by the last day of exams will result in a grade of “0” for their 2nd or 4th quarter religion grade. If the student has not completed the project by the last day of the semester examination period, he will still be required to complete the project in the coming semester.

If the student has not completed the project by the end of the school year, he will not be permitted to return to Curley until all incomplete service requirements are fulfilled.

Click HERE for more information about and a list of approved service sites.

Service Examples

Examples of Acceptable Volunteer Service

  • Retirement Home
  • The Franciscan Center
  • Tutoring
  • Camp Counselor
  • Food pantry
  • Soup kitchen
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Medical Rehab/Nursing Home
  • Head Start program
  • Homeless shelter
  • Parish fundraisers/outreach to the poor
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Beans and Bread
  • Blood drives

Examples of Unacceptable Service

  • Filing or clerical work in an office
  • Fire/Police station
  • Working in a Warehouse
  • Any for profit entity (for example):
    • Automotive shop
    • Dance studio
    • Beauty or barber shop
    • Insurance company
    • Carry out/Concession stand
    • Cleaning service
  • Doing work at home or for other family members
    • Any yard or house work (cutting grass/raking leaves/dish cleaning)
    • Babysitting
  • Curley events
    • Open House
    • Dinner Theater
    • Greccio
  • Helping at Mass on Sunday
    • Lectoring
    • Ushering
    • Altar serving
  • Double dipping
    • Eagle projects
    • Confirmation service
  • Doing the same service at the same place for more than two years