The legacy of Archbishop Curley High School is obvious – more than 8,000 graduates who learned to be men of faith, character, and scholarship.

The experiences they shared and the lessons they learned continue today. Ensuring their continuation really takes the entire Curley Family. Your support of the school will allow future generations to experience all that is good about an Archbishop Curley education.

This school has touched the lives of graduates, parents, and those in the general community in countless ways. We are grateful to all those who contribute to the school financially or through volunteer efforts. Your giving back to a place that means so much to all of us is most certainly appreciated.

Please consider a gift to Archbishop Curley High School.

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Happy Cornerstone Day!  The Curley Family celebrates today the ceremonial…

Alumni Association Changes Ravens Raffle to 50-50
Alumni Association Changes Ravens Raffle to 50-50

The Curley Alumni Association Ravens Raffle is Underway! As you…

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