As a Franciscan school, a governing principle of Archbishop Curley High School is the desire to provide a quality Catholic education to young men of all backgrounds. While Curley seeks to provide tuition aid to qualified students, families must be prepared to pay the annually stated tuition. To afford a Catholic, private-school education at Curley may require families to make an adjustment to their personal life.

Funds for all merit and financial aid grants are drawn from non-operating capital, fund-raising events and gifts or endowments established by benefactors of the school. Curley’s Financial Assistance Committee meets to review all accepted applicant files. These awards, distributed in various amounts, are based on academic excellence and outstanding talents, as well as financial need.



Tuition (with fundraising agreement) $18,650
Tuition (without fundraising agreement) $18,950
Registration: (non-refundable) $100
Student Service Fee $550


Registration deadline for Class of 2029 is March 10, 2025.

Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $850
Registration: (non-refundable) $100

Due on May 10, 2025

Student Service Fee:


Payment Plans

At the time of registration all families must open a FACTS account and choose one of three payment plans.

The Full Payment Plan:
Families make one tuition payment for the entire year in July, 2025.

The Semester Payment Plan:
Families make two tuition payments:  Half of tuition is due in July, 2025, and the balance is due January, 2026.

The Monthly Payment Plan:
The monthly payment plan through FACTS distributes tuition over 10 months beginning June 2025. Monthly accounts established after June, 2025 must be brought up to date including any late charges.

All accounts must be paid in full by March, 2026.


 Please note: There is no separate scholarship application for each opportunity for tuition assistance. Students that choose Curley as their first or second choice on the HSPT are eligible for all tuition assistance opportunities.

 Academic Scholarships

 St. Bonaventure Scholarship: The St. Bonaventure Scholarship is awarded to students with a demonstrated record of sustained academic achievement at the highest level, who score in the top 10% nationally on the High School Placement Test and successfully complete an interview with members of Curley’s faculty and administration. Students awarded the St. Bonaventure Scholarship are offered membership in Curley’s St. Bonaventure Scholars Program as freshmen.

The Archbishop Curley High School Merit Scholarship: The Archbishop Curley High School Merit Scholarship is awarded to students with a demonstrated record of academic achievement and placement in Curley’s Honors Program. Recommendations from the student’s middle school and HSPT results are considered in the awarding of this scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships

Generous benefactors have provided lasting gifts to Archbishop Curley High School through our Endowed Scholarships program. There are over 50 established scholarships, often named in memory or honor of loved ones, that aid in providing financial assistance to qualified students, who meet the requirements of the scholarship, and desire a Curley education.



Assisi Grant: The Assisi Grant seeks to recognize students with the potential to make strong contributions to the Archbishop Curley community in the classroom and in the area of co-curriculars.

Instrumental Music Grant: Instrumental Music Grants are awarded annually to incoming 9th grade students who demonstrate exceptional musical talent and the potential to positively impact Archbishop Curley’s Instrumental Music Program. Students interested in being considered for an Instrumental Music Grant must complete the Instrumental Music Scholarship Application and complete the audition process, with Director of Instrumental Music, Jeff Osarczuk, scheduled for January 2025.

Please note-Students who elect to not audition for instrumental scholarships are still eligible to participate in the band program. 

Click HERE to download Audition Music

St. Clare Catholic School Teacher’s Grant: The St. Clare Catholic School Teacher’s Grant was instituted to recognize the contributions of full-time teachers and administrators in Catholic schools located within the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The St. Clare Catholic School Teacher’s Grant may be received and is renewable as long as the parent of the student remains employed in the area Catholic school on a full-time basis.

Athletic Grant: Athletic Grants are awarded to prospective students demonstrating a high-level of athletic talent and ability. Athletic Grants are modest in their nature and students are considered for an Athletic Grant through consultation with Archbishop Curley’s program head coaches.

Need-based Financial Aid

Tuition assistance in the form of Financial Aid will be awarded to those families who show true financial need. All candidates must apply for Financial Aid through FACTS by December 20, 2024.

Click HERE to learn more about applying for Financial Aid through the FACTS website.

FACTS NOTE:  If you get a message screen with a CONTINUE button, please click on CONTINUE to proceed.

Outside Opportunities for Tuition Assistance

Semper Fi Application

Semper Fi Application Renewal

BOOST: (More information to come)

Knott Scholarship

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

For any Tuition related questions, please contact the Admissions Office (410) 485-5000 ext. 304.