The Honors Pathway is a course of study that seeks to develop students into active listeners, effective writers and critical thinkers within the context of a rigorous academic setting.


  • Has displayed a history of high level academic achievement at the middle school level.
  • Has historically demonstrated the ability to score in the above average range on standardized tests and the High School Placement Test.
  • Possesses above average intellectual curiosity.
  • Has developed and demonstrated the work habits necessary for success in a demanding interdisciplinary setting.
  • Works well in a collaborative setting within the framework of the daily classroom.
  • Has exhibited a willingness to be actively involved in school life and an exemplary citizen in the school community.


  • To cultivate the academic skills necessary for sustained success at the Honors level and in the university setting.
  • To develop students into confident public speakers.
  • To prepare students with a depth of discipline-specific knowledge for success in the collegiate environment.
  • To develop students who are able to comprehend, synthesize and evaluate written material.
  • To equip students with high-level mathematical skills.
  • To encourage the development of students who are effective writers.
  • To develop strong research skills that can be applied across academic disciplines.


  • Access to an abundance of AP Level courses and Dual Enrollment offerings.
  • Automatic entry into the pool of candidates for The Scholars Program.
  • Exposure to a dedicated faculty, 75% of which possess advanced academic degrees.
  • Exposure to various modes of cutting edge technology within the daily classroom setting.
  • Opportunities for enrichment experiences during the academic year and summer.
  • Access to numerous school-sponsored college trips.


For an elite group of students, the St. Bonaventure Scholars are challenged beyond the standard honors criteria to engage in their personal academic group leading to a Capstone Project. Special programs throughout the four years give a breadth, and a challenge, to their learning that goes well beyond the classroom.