Archdiocese of Baltimore Distinctive Scholars

April 22nd, 2020 | Posted By: Greg Malanowski | Posted in Academics, News, Student Life

The Archdiocese of Baltimore Distinctive Scholars Convocation recognizes and affirms the academic talents and accomplishments of students in the Catholic secondary schools of the Archdiocese. This event would have been held on Thursday, April 23rd.  We congratulate the three seniors representing Archbishop Curley High School: Scott Giampa, Hunter Luers and Yazan Sawalhi.  Below are the entries for the event’s program.

Scott Giampa

To be a Curley man, one must understand the Franciscan ideals: dedication through Christ in the church, outreach to the marginalized, strong community relations, concern for the environment, and peaceful resolution of conflict.  A student who embodies these ideals is Scott Giampa.  You can find Scott being a leader on the field, welcoming new students, volunteering as a youth minister, and achieving national recognition in many Honor Societies.  Scott holds one of the highest GPAs and is always willing to do more than what is asked of him academically, spiritually, and athletically.  He is the embodiment of our Franciscan ideals.    -Mr. Tyler Cuomo, History Teacher, Archbishop Curley High School

Scott’s Responses:

How has attending a Catholic school made a difference in my life?

After attending a public school for the first nine years of my education, changing to a Catholic school for high school presented a new and exciting challenge that transformed my life.  Being a part of a Catholic brotherhood surrounded with a community of loving and faithful teachers has given me valuable and influential experiences that have nurtured my personal growth.

The one most rewarding service project each scholar experienced during high school:

Fulfilling my service requirements has been one of my favorite parts of my high school career, but my most rewarding service project was my second of three trips to Encounter the Gospel of Life, a week-long service trip at the University of Maryland over the summer. My group and I spent an entire week running a summer camp for a neighborhood of underprivileged children where we formed unforgettable and meaningful bonds of friendship in such a short amount of time, while providing them an enjoyable experience they were unaccustomed to.


Hunter Luers

Hunter Luers is a Bonaventure Scholar at Archbishop Curley High School. Throughout the course of his four years, he has continuously maintained a high GPA despite a challenging curriculum. Alongside his studies, Hunter has ignited a passion for Theology as demonstrated through his instrumental leadership in Curley’s peer ministry team and his role as a Teacher’s Assistant for a younger Theology class. In addition to these, Hunter is a student ambassador and a member of three different honor societies. It has been a joy to watch Hunter develop into the young man we see today.  -Ms. Meeri Kangas, Theology Teacher, Archbishop Curley High School


Hunter’s Responses:

How has attending a Catholic school made a difference in my life?

If Catholic Schools did not exist, I would not know the depths of God’s love.  That is the beauty of a Catholic education, to be able to experience Christ through the teachers, faculty, and students in the most sincere and beneficial way.

 The one most rewarding service project each scholar experienced during high school:

Donating a variety of toys to the Cardinal Shehan School and witnessing the amazing appreciation from the faculty there. I saw the love for their students and the family network in their community.


Yazan Sawalhi

I have had the privilege of knowing Yaz since his freshman year.   Yaz’s remarkable academic achievements and his involvement in numerous extracurricular activities are highly commendable; however, Yaz’s compassionate nature exceeds these accolades.   He both values and prioritizes being kind and supportive to others.    He is one of the best examples of altruism and humility I’ve witnessed in my 10 years at Curley.   Yaz certainly has left a mark on the Curley community and, undoubtedly, will continue to impact the world and the people around him for many years to come.  -Mr. Dave Polsinelli, Guidance Counselor, Archbishop Curley High School


Yazan’s Responses

How has attending a Catholic school made a difference in my life?

In attending a Catholic school, I have gained a deeper level of respect for individuals of backgrounds that differ from my own, as I learned to respect any differences and celebrate the similarities. This experience not only gave me the opportunity to discover my truest self, but it also gave me the ideal environment to develop and mature as a human being.

The one most rewarding service project each scholar experienced during high school:

Throughout my high school career, I helped serve lunches and distribute organic foods at the Franciscan Center of Baltimore. This service has provided me with a sense of the satisfaction that comes with making a difference in one’s community, thus enticing me to seek more volunteer opportunities in my community.