Cornerstone Day 2020

April 29th, 2020 | Posted By: Greg Malanowski | Posted in Alumni, Parents, Student Life

This year’s Curley Cornerstone Day, on April 29, will be a virtual event.

To view the Honor Roll of Cornerstone Gifts, click HERE.

Watch the Cornerstone Day video:  “A Retrospective: Curley’s Past Ten Years”  Click HERE

View the Cornerstone Day posts on Facebook.  Click HERE.



April 21: Introduction to this year’s celebration. Click HERE

April 22: Presentation of the Mission Support Award. Click HERE.

Honored this year:  THE KNOTT FOUNDATION

April 23: Presentation of the Scholarship Donors Award.  Click HERE

Honored this year:  MR. & MRS. TIMOTHY ’69 and DENISE WEGLICKI

April 24: Presentation of the Dedicated Volunteers Award.   Click HERE.

Honored this year:  MR. & MRS. CHARLES “BUTCH” ’84 and DONNA ROSENTHAL

April 27: Presentation of the Unsung Alumnus Award.   Click HERE.

Honored this year:  MR. STEVE WOLF ’78

April 28: Presentation of the Long-Serving Faculty/Staff Award.   Click HERE.

Honored this year:  MR. MICHAEL DEMARCO


Fr. Donald celebrated Sunday Mass on April 26 that was livestreamed from the Curley Chapel.
If you would like to watch the Mass, click on the link below:


Today, we encourage the following ways to participate:

View the special video for the day, looking back and looking forward.

Students: Nominate a classmate, teacher, coach, or staff member and tell us how this individual makes our school a better place and/or how they have made a difference in your Curley experience. We will post as many submissions as possible over the course of the day. E-Mail your Cornerstone Tribute to Mr. Stitz at

Alumni, Students, Parents, Friends: Dress in your Curley gear and post some pictures on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite form of social media. Or send the pics to Greg Malanowski in the Advancement Office at

If you have yet to make a gift to this year’s Annual Fund (through June 30), consider doing it today, or make a donation to Curley to honor a specific individual or individuals who have made a difference to you or to Curley.
Go to the webpage “Make a Gift” and choose the Cornerstone Option. (Click HERE to go to the Make a Gift webpage.)

Go to the Curley website on April 29th or the days following to view the Honor Roll of donations and honorees, the tributes of the students and photos from the Curley Family.

Thank you for all the ways you support Curley and honor its mission.

We might be at home, but we can celebrate together!