More than fifty scholarships have been established by Curley benefactors, with appropriate criteria for the awards.  While the majority of these are endowed scholarships, a number of them are funded on an annual basis.

Academic Scholarships – Incoming Freshman Only

Tuition assistance in the form of an Academic Scholarship is based on outstanding achievement on the Archdiocesan High School Placement Test (click HERE). Priority is placed on those young men who determine that Curley is their school of choice. In order to be a candidate, applicants must maintain a “B” average or higher and be involved in (2) or more extracurricular activities.

Please ensure that Curley is listed as a “choice” school on the High School Placement Test to receive HSPT results.

To view a  list of Curley Endowed Scholarships, click HERE.

Athletic Grants – Incoming Freshman Only

Tuition assistance in the form of an Athletic Grant may be awarded by a particular Athletic Program. Varsity coaches will submit nominees to the above referenced Financial Aid / Grant Committee for approval.

“SEMPER FI” Annually Funded Scholarship

Very often when U.S. Marines take leave of one another or sign off on a message they say Semper Fi.  It is an abbreviation of their motto Semper Fidelis which means “Always Faithful.”  In memory of the many Marines who have remained “always faithful” to God, country, the Corps, and one another, this scholarship is established for those Catholic families who have been faithful to the Catholic Church.  In addition to keeping the Ten Commandments, a faithful Catholic keeps the precepts or laws of the Church, namely:
Attending Mass and resting from servile labor on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation;
Confessing one’s sins at least once a year;
Receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the Easter Season;
Observing the days of fast and abstinence established by the Church; and
Helping to provide for the needs of the Church.

The scholarship process involves the completion of an application along with supporting documents from the Parish and the Pastor that evidence a commitment by the applicant and his family to living their Catholic faith.  Essays from the parent and the student about the importance of living their Catholic faith including Mass attendance, going to confession, observing fast and abstinence days and involvement in parish organizations and activities are also included.

The scholarship award is made on an annual basis upon the application and the completion of tuition assistance forms.  A student may receive this scholarship in any year of his education and it is renewable on an annual basis.  A committee comprised of the donor and Archbishop Curley High School administration will determine the annual awards.

The Applicant is responsible for meeting the deadline of January 21, 2020 and having all related material submitted by that date.

Click HERE to download the Semper Fi Scholarship Application


Instrumental Music Scholarship Auditions

Archbishop Curley High School is proud of our musicians and their accomplishments. Students who participate in the Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble and Drumline develop their talents and grow as musicians and individuals. These exciting and dynamic programs have produced an extremely large number of musicians who have received college scholarships. Hopefully you will be a part of our outstanding instrumental music program.

Archbishop Curley High School is pleased to invite all potential musicians to apply for an Instrumental Music Scholarship.  In January 2020, musicians who have applied by the application deadline December 20, 2019, will receive an email confirmation with their respective date and time. Each scholarship applicant will be required to perform individually for the Jazz and Concert Band Director Mr. Christopher Campbell (410) 485-5000 x218 You will find links for the music for respective instruments on this page.

Click HERE to download and print the Instrumental Music Application

Audition dates will be held January 2020 – Individual information will be emailed January 2020.

Audition requirements include the following:

  1. Scales – B-Flat, E-Flat and F Concert Scales
  2. Hal Leonard Advance Band Method Book #26 and #48
  3. Etude from any Method Book of your choice
  4. Sight Reading

Download the music appropriate to your instrument: