2019-20 Team Honors

Julian Howard ’20 All MIAA
BTC All Star Game (Game MVP)
Offensive Player of the Year
Garrett Butt ’20 All MIAA
Josh Knapp ’20 All MIAA
BTC All Star Game
Team MVP
Ronald Clark ’21 All MIAA
Izaiah Brown ’20 All MIAA
Baltimore Touchdown Club All Star Game
Jacob Biggs ’20 Coach “Ox” Memorial Award

Coaching Staff

Mr. Brendan Ireton, Varsity Head Coach

Ireton returns to Curley for his second season as the Head Football Coach.  He was an assistant coach at Curley for the 2008-2011 seasons.  As head coach of Kent County High School for six years, Ireton led his teams to four playoff appearances, with a 2016 1A East Regional Championship.  Ireton mentored two Bayside Conference Player of the Year winners and was the Bayside Coach of the year in 2013.  Ireton attended King’s College in Wilkes Barre, PA, and was a four-year starter in football and lacrosse, earning All-Conference Honors in lacrosse.  Ireton also serves as the Director of Student Engagement at Archbishop Curley. 

Frank Embardino ‘01, Varsity Assistant Coach
Phil A’Damo ‘01, Varsity Assistant Coach
Jeff Farace, Varsity Assistant Coach
Rich Stichel Jr., Varsity Assistant Coach
Joe Casparriello, Varsity Assistant Coach
Nick Farmer ‘14, Varsity Assistant Coach

Kevin Franklin Sr, JV Head Coach.
Kevin Franklin Jr. ‘07, JV Assistant Coach
Brendan Ryan, JV Assistant Coach
Pete Snarski, JV Assistant Coach
Kofi Kwaw, JV Assistant Coach

Varsity Championships

MIAA B Conference 2000
MIAA B Conference 2001
MIAA B Conference 2003
MIAA B Conference 2004
MIAA B Conference 2014

Football Schedules & Results

2020 Varsity Football Schedule

8/22 Scrimmage: Loyola Home TBD xxxxx
8/29 Bishop O’Connell Away 1:00 PM
9/5 Middletown Home 1:00 PM
9/11 Gilman Home 4:00 PM
9/18 Oakdale Away 6:30 PM
9/25 St. Mary’s Away 7:00 PM
10/2 Pallotti Away 7:00 PM
10/9 Boys’ Latin Home 4:00 PM
10/16 St. Paul’s Away 4:00 PM
10/24 Concordia Prep (Homecoming) Home 1:00 PM
10/30 John Carroll Home 3:30 PM

2020 JV Football Schedule

8/22 Scrimmage: Loyola Home TBD xxxxx
8/31 Calvert Hall Away TBD
9/4 Middletown Away 6:30 PM
9/10 Spalding Home 4:00 PM
9/17 Georgetown Prep (FS) Away 4:30 PM
9/24 St. Mary’s Home 4:00 PM
10/1 Pallotti Home 4:00 PM
10/8 Boys’ Latin Away 4:00 PM
10/15 St. Paul’s Home 4:00 PM
10/22 Concordia Prep Away 4:00 PM
10/29 John Carroll Away 4:00 PM

Football Rosters

2019 Varsity Football Roster

2019 Varsity Football Roster
1 Kent Bero Junior Slot/SS
2 Jamal Avery Junior WR/SS
3 Denim Evans Junior Slot/CB
4 Denzel Evans Junior Slot/CB
5 Jacob Biggs Senior RB/LB
6 Devin Thompson Senior RB/CB
7 Josh Knapp Senior WR/FS/K
8 Travis Budd Sophomore RB/LB
10 Jeremiah Lewis Sophomore Slot/CB
11 John Monk Junior WR/FS
13 Deasani White Senior RB/LB
14 Kofi Kwaw Junior QB
18 Izaiah Brown Senior WR/DE
19 Maurice Reid Senior TE/DE
20 Sekou Elliot Senior Slot/CB
22 Zach Szyzybor Senior TE/DE
24 Julian Howard Senior RB/LB
25 James Hansen Junior LB
32 Andrew Parker Junior WR/LB
33 Ronald Clark Junior RB/LB
40 Alex Schafer Senior WR/LB
42 Jeadon Johnson Senior RB/LB
44 Kobe Davis Junior TE/DE
47 Matt Miller Junior TE/DE
50 Judah Conaway Junior OL/DT
51 Trevor Lintz Senior OL/DE
52 Jeremiah Trotman Senior OL/DT
53 Reheim Soko Senior DE
57 Garrett Butt Senior OL/DT
60 Jesse Windham Sophomore OL/DT
63 Robert Winfield Junior K
66 Brett Lutostanski Junior OL/DE
68 Nick Krulock Senior OL/DT
70 Joe Petryszak Junior OL/DT
72 Jai Shields Senior WR/CB
75 Lacy Hedgepeth Sophomore OL/DT
77 Sam Burke Senior OL/DT

2019 JV Football Roster

2019 JV Football Roster
3 Jamaun Brown Freshman RB/LB
4 Will Urquia Sophomore QB/DB
5 Jaden Pittman Freshman QB/DB
6 Zion Kwaw Freshman WR/DB
7 Trey Holmes Sophomore WR/DB
8 Nick Campbell Sophomore TE/DB
9 Colin Beishl Freshman QB
10 Aaron Rose Freshman WR/DB
15 Zashaun Moye Freshman WR/DB
16 Tim Stevens Freshman K/P
19 Josh Aung Sophomore RB/LB
20 Myles Smith Freshman WR/DB
22 Virgil Watson Sophomore RB/DB
23 Michael Cox Freshman TE/DL
25 David Ware Freshman TE/LB
28 Nick Doty Freshman WR/DB
30 Cam Morgan Sophomore LB
33 Jessie Potter Sophomore TE/LB
34 Nick Erving Freshman RB/LB
36 Jordan Sutton Freshman TE/DB
44 Jack Rock Freshman TE/LB
45 Gadiel Handy Sophomore OL/DL
50 Tre’Vel Flythe Sophomore TE/DL
52 Mackenzie Hazzard Sophomore OL/DL
54 Tyrell Addison Sophomore OL/DL
56 Ian Shields Sophomore TE/DL
57 Justin Lemmon Sophomore OL/DL
60 Zion Brooks Sophomore OL/DL
61 Kam Hampton Freshman TE/DB
64 John Petrysak Freshman OL/LB
65 Dylan McNutt Freshman OL/DL
66 Connor Hafez Sophomore OL/DL
68 Chaz Elliott Sophomore OL/DL
70 Connor Hafez Sophomore OL/DL
75 Connor Ullman Sophomore OL/DL
76 Tyler Stock Freshman OL/DL
77 Kyle Perkins Freshman OL/DL
80 Jace Bang Freshman OL/DL